For the wedding photographers who value capturing authentic emotion: this engagement session game gets the cutest interactions between your couples without you having to remember any prompts. It has a combination of prompting and role-playing which will get your couples loose, cracking up, and just being themselves instantly. Playing a game is so much less intimidating than posing and they will leave the session thanking you for their best date ever. 


50 cards including: 20+ fun cards, 20+ romantic cards, and some extra ones to switch it up.


What’s Included?

The Cards (obviously)

Access to a fun playlist and a romantic playlist to listen to while shooting

Instructional video (to help you implement this game into your workflow and coach you on how to use the game correctly) 

Suggested questions to add to your engagement session questionnaire


How to Play:

  1. Watch the Instructional Video BEFORE the session so you know all the secrets. Download the playlists and get the music ready. Send your couple information about the game and send them their questionnaire.

  2. At the session, remind them that they’re going to feel ridiculous, but to trust you, relax, and have fun. 

  3. Get the white cards out first. Start the fun music! Have one of them choose a card and read it out loud. Act out the card for them and be ridiculous so they feel comfortable being weird too. Tweak what they’re doing to make the photos even better. Take turns choosing cards and playing the game!

  4. When you’re ready to change the mood, switch to the black cards. Change the music to the romantic playlist.

  5. Manage the time so you get all of their outfits in and get a variety of photos.

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