What To Wear To An Engagement Session

HEY PHOTOGRAPHERS!! Stop dressing your clients to fit your style and start shooting them as they are.

HEY COUPLES!! Don't be afraid to be you! That is exactly who you should be!

When my clients' friends see their photos, I want them to say,


So I work together with my clients to figure out a way to capture their relationship just as it is in photos!

Every aspect of their photos will play a part in communicating who they are:





How They Normally Interact

and Outfits!

I always have my clients wear at least 2 outfits. I don't tell my clients what to wear, because what they choose to wear should make sense to who they are.

The photos will be better if the clothes make sense!!

With that said, I do give basic guidance.

The Chill Outfit

What they would wear to their favorite concert. Something they're super comfortable in and love to wear. This would be like distressed jeans, denim shorts, a sweatshirt, a band shirt, a swimming suit if we're at the beach, cute hiking clothes, flannel, adidas, etc.

The Goals Outfit

This outfit might have them stepping outside of their comfort zone a little bit. This is their fancy outfit. Maybe something they've always wanted an excuse to wear. My favorite goals outfit involves a long, flowy dress because they just photograph so dang well, but again, it needs to make sense to the couple!

I also give my clients these tips as they plan their outfits:

  1. The look should be cohesive with who you are and where you are taking the photos. (If you're on the beach, go barefoot. If you're hiking in the mountains, wear hiking boots).

  2. Make sure you steam or iron your outfits ahead of time if necessary!

  3. If you dye your hair, make sure your roots aren't showing.

  4. Fake eyelashes make your eyes really pop in photos and wearing slightly more makeup than normal is usually the rule, but again, DO YOU!

  5. Bring and do things during your session to customize your engagement session!!

Here are some pictures of my couples who are simply themselves and are THE BEST. I seriously love each and every one of them and I'm so happy I got to know each of them individually and give them photos that make sense.

If you're a photographer, OH MY GOODNESS, totally steal these tips and run!! Empower your couples to be themselves. If you also want to learn how to pose them in ways that make sense and encourage authentic emotion, CLICK HERE!

Based in good ol' Omaha, Nebraska, we are Jack + Chelsea Archer, a husband and wife wedding photography team. We love to tease each other, explore nature, drink coffee, and raise kind, adorable tiny people (Liam, Nora, and Zoe). We also love being wedding photographers. We are so thrilled to be the Best of Omaha Wedding Photographers 3 years in a row.

We believe in marriage and we love to celebrate the beginning with our couples. We believe that photography shouldn't just be stiff and manufactured. We are all about the candids and capturing the connection between our couples and their family and friends. That means knowing and loving each of our clients so we know exactly how to photograph them. The best photos are when you're just authentically having fun and enjoying each other, doing whatever you do.

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