Katb El Kitab {Islamic Wedding Ceremony} in Omaha, NE

Just a couple weeks before the ceremony, this bride reached out saying they wanted to spoil themselves with some photos of their Islamic Wedding Ceremony, and of course I was thrilled!! It was so much fun learning about Islam so I could respectfully photograph their wedding! I even got to learn how to wear a headscarf so I could go in the mosque (check out my selfie)! Some of the moments aren't in this blog (like the groom seeing his bride without a headscarf for the first time). Because those moments are just for them, but there are still so many special memories here! EVERYONE at this wedding was so kind to me and it was the best day.

I wore the headscarf for only 4 hours and got just a glimpse of what it is like being a woman dressed as a muslim in Omaha. I was pointed at while driving. Someone else moved to another gas pump after I got out of my car near them. I don't know if these are uncommon reactions or if they're normal, but I am definitely going to make more of an effort to be kind to Muslim women I see. I also am going to educate my kids about how people who look different or wear different clothes from us are still human and so so important. Ok rant over. Enjoy the photos!!

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